Drapery Cleaning in Atlanta

The Drier Process

Cleaning Blinds

As the Atlanta area drapery cleaning professionals at Chem-Dry Atlanta, we offer a convenient, on-site drapery and window treatment cleaning system that can be done right inside your home. Our highly trained technicians are fully qualified to safely clean your valuable drapes and window treatments throughout your Atlanta area home or business. Our unique method of cleaning allows our customers to keep their valuable window treatments on the wall throughout our effective cleaning process. Additionally, the dry method of cleaning we use when cleaning guarantees that there will never be any water marks or shrinking of the drapes or window treatments in your Atlanta area home.

The Cleaner Process

Our Chem-Dry Atlanta professionals have the appropriate knowledge and tools in order to properly evaluate the best and most effective cleaning process to use on the valuable drapes and window treatments in your home. Before our gentle cleaning process begins, we will carefully vacuum your window treatments. Once that step is accomplished, we then use the properly determined process to get them fully cleaned and looking their absolute best.

The Healthier Process

Window treatments and drapes tend to collect all the dirt, dust, and other allergens that are present in our Atlanta area homes. The way they act as a “sponge”  for these things can be useful in removing them from the air, but in order to eliminate them from our homes entirely, it’s best to clean your window treatments or drapes about once per year to help make your Atlanta area home healthier, and a more allergen-free place to live.

You can successfully extend the life of the valuable drapes and window treatments in your Atlanta area home by putting your trust into our Chem-Dry Atlanta cleaning professionals and by using our exclusive cleaning system. Our highly effective cleaning process will help get rid of the dirt, spots, stains, soils, allergens, and dust mites that may be trapped in your fabrics, affecting the quality of the indoor environment of your Atlanta area home. Chem-Dry Atlanta conveniently services all of South Bend, Granger, Atlanta and Acworth County. Call them today at (770) 218-5656 to schedule an appointment to get your drapes and window treatments conveniently cleaned and looking their absolute best.

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